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Yet one more feather in Toyota's cap. Toyota Camry has been declared as the 2007 Vehicle of your Year by the Motor Trend Magazine.

What Makes Toyota Camry The Car or truck Of your Year

Motor Trend Magazine thinks that the Camry deserves to be the Automobile of your Year since of its revolutionary engineering style. Also since the Camry has carried out a good deal to enhance its security, quality and technologies. It is no wonder that the Toyota Camry has become the largest selling vehicle in America as of now in 2007.

Toyota Camry Leaves Rivals Far Behind

Toyota Camry won the Automobile of the Year award by edging out rivals from distinct nations. It's unquestionably prestigious award for the model following it beat 26 other models inside the fray, which were from Japan, America, Korea, Germany, UK and Sweden.

Toyota Camry registered the highest sales in America. The numbers of Camry units sold within the U.S. from October 2006 to July 2007 were about 350,481. This can be really a huge quantity taking into consideration the time period. Toyota Corolla sales were within the second position with 330,995 units getting sold.

What Makes Toyota Camry Lead The Field

The key explanation for a rise in sales is the value with the automobile. Americans now have an alternative of obtaining a car that has higher performance, is fuel effective and has ample space inside at a value that is definitely quite significantly inexpensive. Toyota Camry gives a consumer extra than the value of his investment. This is something lots of other automotive suppliers cannot boast about.

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