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Core Essential 8 Piece Make-up Brush Set

Sheer Cosmetics Core Essential 8-Piece Makeup Brush Set is a stunning mix of purple handles, gold ferrules and black, purple and white bristles making this set among the most practical and beautiful sets anyone can have. Perfect for liquids, powders or creams, the brushes are made from goat hair plus unique duo fibre synthetic bristles for increased sturdiness and longer wear. These brushes are constructed to provide a way to perfectly apply powder, cream and liquid makeup to all areas and contours of the face. If you know any thing, you will possibly desire to check up about Check out this makeup brush set product now. They come packaged in a trendy specially made leather cup holder for keeping each brush along with provide a convenient holder for your makeup table or vanity. These brushes are perfect for foundation, contouring, blending, buffing, bronzing, concealing and priming all areas of the face. Each brush likewise carries the Sheer Cosmetics signature stamp and makes an ideal gift.

Sheer Cosmetics offers this beautiful set of 8 makeup brushes made to help everyone accomplish professional outcomes. The smooth makeup brushes provide great performance and less shedding through the incorporation of greater quality materials.

The Sheer Cosmetics Core Essential Makeup Brush Set is available with special dual colored bristles, gorgeous gold ferrule on a sleek purple handle. All make-up brushes in the kit feature genuine wood handles, ergonomically created to fit conveniently in your hand. In addition, the top quality bristles make sure that the brushes last longer, offering women the methods to optimize their financial investment and enjoy an expert quality cosmetic brush..

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