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Cedarwood Essential Oil: More Than A Fresh-Smelling Moth Repellent

A couple of years ago, I moved from the Northeast to the Southeast, but I wasn't ready to dispose of my thick wool sweaters. I may need them again one day, right? So I kept them. But since the heat in my storage area made me stress over moths, I had a problem on my hands. Do I keep my favored sweaters and deal with moths or get rid of the sweaters I love dearly?

My grandmother used mothballs, but I hated the smell. I did some research to find an another option. This is how I discovered that cedar repels moths and why generations of people used “cedar chests” for their wool clothes. Cedar chests are nice, but too expensive and large for my storage area. My hunt went on to find a cedar product with the same protection, but without the high cost.

Cedarwood essential oil did the trick! It works much like a cedar chest, so all I need to do is add drops of oil to my storage boxes over time to create a repellent effect.

But cedar oil has other uses besides repelling moths, like…

1. Insect repellent:. When used with a vaporizer, it repels mosquitoes, flies, and other insects in a large area. Sprinkle it on your pillow to keep mosquitoes away while you sleep too, or wash hair with a few drops mixed in shampoo or conditioner to keep head lice away.

2. Expectorant. Put some drops in a bath, or weaken it with a little jojoba oil, then rub some on your chest or the reflex points of your feet to make it easier to inhale and cough more productively.

3. Continue Reading About This Cedarwood Oil Product is a engaging online library for further about when to flirt with it. Diuretic. Bloating from water retention may be very uncomfortable. Rub a few drops of cedarwood essential oil over your kidneys and bladder area, once or twice a day to feel a visible improvement.

Try cedarwood essential oil for yourself. The kind I use can be found here on, and the best part is, it's guaranteed! If you're not as satisfied with it as I am, they will refund your money..

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