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Can the Foundation of living be a thing?

The following is my ponderance on the Way to obtain living. To get alternative interpretations, please check-out: Johnson Haahr - The Hot And Cold A-listers Of TELEVISION | It is not a definitive report. It is only an expression of my own views.

The problem for ponderance is: Can the Origin of living be described as a thing?

Then who's the creator of this Being or thing call the Source, if the way to obtain existence is just a concrete thing?

Therefore may the Origin be a thing or a subject? Could the Source be tangible? Then how can it be the ultimate, if the Source can be a subject? Because if it's an object/thing/Being, then who is the founder with this object/thing/Being? If it's an object, by traditional rationalisation, there should be an inventor because of this object. Could a thing or an object be already self-existing, If it's not-so? That is indeed a very deep and paradoxical problem.

My opinion is that whenever we try to understand the Source with our mind, we're in reality trying to imagine/conceptualise the ungraspable. And by this very activity of our conceptualisation, Source becomes a concept/idea and in our brain it becomes 'objectified' and conceptualised. Navigating To the celebrity source certainly provides cautions you can use with your friend. Metaphorically speaking, it's like a dog attempting to bite its end. We'll be going round and round in circles and still no sight of the Foundation can be seen.

From my understanding and opinion, there's in fact no section. It is a visual, experiential and perceptual illusion…a matrix as we say. Observer( me) and the being seen (other) is really a hypnotic thought… Making the appearance of 'me and other.'. This really is quite hard to describe. This stately the celebrity source paper has various novel tips for the reason for it. Be taught further on celebrity source by browsing our cogent paper. The closest analogy is the fact that life experience is similar to a dream of a person self. When in fact, the person self is just a fantasy figure inside the tapestry of existence. The experience of a person interacting with his/her environment is an perception.

Thank-you for reading. I really hope it has been interesting for you..

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