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Can Be Your Glass Bare Or Full? On The Base why Bruce Lee Emptied His Glass

It was apparent for the master from the start of the discussion that the professor w…

One of the core tenets of the martial-arts is humility, but unfortunately some experts dont appear to embrace these beliefs and instead insist on being hostile, arrogant and boastful. If you know someone like this you may want to show this short story to them of a intelligent Zen Master that's told inside The Warrior Within by John Little. (Or, it is possible to just send this article )……. to them.

It was obvious to the master from the start of the conversation that the professor wasn't so much interested in studying Zen as h-e was in impressing the master with his or her own views and information. Since the Zen teacher spoke, he would be frequently interrupted by the proud man with comments like Oh, yes we've that, also and etc. Navigating To What Does It Simply take To Become A Combined Martial Arts Fighter | CF769 certainly provides suggestions you can tell your girlfriend. Yoga Workshops San Diego includes extra resources concerning when to provide for this hypothesis.

Eventually, the Zen teacher stopped talking and began to serve tea to the learned man. Until the glass was full.. h-e put. and then kept until it overflowed pouring.

Enough! the professor once more abandoned. The cup is overfull, no longer can go in!

Indeed, I see, answered the Zen teacher. Such as this cup, you're high in your own personal views and speculations. How do you taste my cup of tea, if you don't first empty your cup?

This little story nicely illustrates the qualities to be humble and open-minded. As a martial artist it's very important to know that we dont know everything, and while we strive to reach our potential we can always study on others, including our instructor in our selected martial art.

One very popular martial artist who epitomized the quality of being learning from others and open-minded is the story quoted above and Bruce Lee was one of his favorites. Regrettably for his family and for the remainder of-the earth, Bruce Lee unfortunately died more than 30 years ago on July 21st 1973.

Most of us remember him being an action movie-star but h-e was also an extremely accomplished martial artist who was studying and continually studying all areas of the martial arts with unshakeable determination. The legacy h-e left us through his films, and more importantly his writings, has probably influenced more people to begin their study of the martial arts than any other single factor. Bruce Lee examined a number of different fighting styles and his cup was often empty and willing to be filled.

So my question to you is, Have you emptied YOUR glass recently? Or even, then you may wish to think about this little history and take a moment, and reflect on-the status of your own cup. 'Is it clear? Or could it be complete'?

Then read my FREE Report, Achieving the Black Belt: How to Successfully Take Your Karate to another location Level, if your glass is empty and ready to be filled again. You can download it at

Or sit-down with a fresh pot of tea and e-mail me at with your remarks. I anticipate hearing from you.

Good luck and most readily useful wishes in your journey in karate..Yoga & Wellness Center San Diego, California

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