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Blog And Ping Does It Work?

Firstly I will describe what blogging and pinging is. Blog and ping is a method you can use to obtain your site listed in search engines. The idea is that search engines like websites because of the ever changing information, so they keep going back. By creating a weblog and setting some site links in-the articles, the search engines can index the…

I've been doing a try out blogging and pinging, one of the ways which apparently gets your website listed and ranked higher faster.

Firstly I will explain what blogging and pinging is. Identify more on our affiliated web page by clicking site. Weblog and ping is a technique you can use to obtain your site listed in search engines. This provocative success site has various dynamite suggestions for the reason for this enterprise. The concept is that search engines like sites due to the ever changing information, so they carry on back. Visiting worth reading seemingly provides tips you should use with your friend. By creating a blog and setting some site links in the threads, the search engines can index the links, and pages right after you blog.

Pinging is when you send a 'ping' to allow the directories, which keep lists of blogs, and when these blogs are updated, realize that you have added content to your weblog. These are apparently closely watched by the search engine spiders, in order that they may index any new material and add it to the search engine which controls them.

Anyway, back to my research, does blogging and pinging really get your website noticed?

Well my effects have been encouraging. I've tried by only employing a blog while the front page of the new information site I started. has only been advertised by way of the blog to mention new material, and then pinged through which directs the blog entries to several significant ping web sites. In the event people hate to be taught more on open in a new browser window, we know of many resources you might think about pursuing.

Following a week of adding content, and then posting an announcement of the new content to the pinging with pingoat and website on the front page, the site seems to be getting people to most of the areas, that I could see from the log files. I can also see a few of the traffic is originating from search engines, and also a great deal of index exercise can be viewed on the site, where the search engines are running the information.

Therefore I must conclude that blogging and pinging is just a method of getting listed o-n search engines, or at-least of getting noticed by them quickly.

For anyone who is blogging and pinging?

Obviously that is your decision, but for the time it takes, it perhaps worth trying blog and ping for yourself and tracking the results. A quick blog article (use if you do not already have a blog) and then ping with pingoat takes only a few minutes, and might help a site into all the search-engines quickly..

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