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Awesome Heavy Hold Hair Pomade for Men - Non-greasy Feel in Apple Pie Scent

Super Hold is no joke!

Getting a finger filled with pomade out of the tin is truly easy, it just goes right on and coats your hair truly nicely. Now the aroma isn't really that strong when it's in the tin, once you break the surface you truly smell the fresh apple pie scent.

My hair tends to kind of suck this pomade up quite a bit so I scoop it out twice. To study additional information, please check out: Click this link for more on this hair pomade product. When for the top/front and once for the back side of my hair and the sides/back.

I always use it to my hair when it's wet so it tames my waves a little much better. When my hair is dry it makes my waves really stand out.

Due to the nature of my work, it got boosted a few times, however I simply pulled out the trusty comb and put it back in place with a few runs of it through my hair. It stayed this way all day and didn't break down, or come undone, or run down my face, or anything. It holds really well all day long, even after recombing it..

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