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All Natural Organic Lip Balm- Mint - Hydrating & Non-Toxic -Wear Alone, Under Lip Colors

Stop your search because you've just found the perfect, versatile, all-natural lip balm! It contains organic essential moisturizers with a hint of peppermint scent and flavor that improves your lips without burning! I love when I come across a lip care product to add to my collection of beauty items that doesn't cost you an arm and a leg and truly works like they say. It's such a plus when it's all-natural and with a mixture of certified organic ingredients. I love animals, so it helps me feel good knowing it's cruetly-free and no animal-testing of any type! It leaves my lips feeling supple. If you think you know anything, you will possibly wish to compare about Click this link for more on this natural lip balm product. Also, it's great for emergencies for spots you've missed on your skin you forgot to lotion up; knees, elbows, dry patches, etc.! It's been a life saver for me when I've been rushing out but I have always carried the little portable sliding tin in my pocket or purse! Like most ladies, we have a make-up bag of various lip items that contain hard to read additives. I love shopping online and always browse on They have great customer service, money-back guarantee, and their FREE Prime Shipping is pretty fast! They even made sure to write and ask if I had received it on time. I'm really happy with this purchase and if you're looking for something new that's all natural and organic to add to your lip care arsenal then I suggest you click the link below the lip balm image to order your 2 Pack now and try it out! Buy one and gift one for your best friend! After all- friends don't let friends walk around with dry, cracked lips! :).

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