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These images are all Copyright (c) by Hiram Clawson. If you would like to publish them elsewhere, electronically, in print, or by other means, please contact Hiram Clawson.

Star Field Photographs

The Coalsack, southern milky way
10 April 1986 11:52:38 UTC
577x765 JPEG image, 138 K bytes.
NGC 224/M 31/Andromeda
15 September 1985 07:23:57 UTC
1012x685 JPEG image, 165 K bytes.
Large Magellanic Cloud
Large Magellanic Cloud
10 April 1986 11:08:18 UTC
1021x698 JPEG image, 149 K bytes.
North Pole
North Pole Star Trails
06 March 1986 10:23:55 UTC
1021x692 JPEG image, 204 K bytes.
South Pole
South Pole Star Trails
08 April 1986 15:43:10 UTC
1023x691 JPEG image, 160 K bytes.
The Pleiades
The Pleiades
September 1985
639x514 JPEG image, 168 K bytes.

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