Who am I??

27 years ago...

I'm Hany Ahmed Fahmy, I was born in Monterey ,California in Jan the 19th. After one year my family went back home to Egypt, where I recieved all my education and degrees. I was raised by my grandpa "GOD bless his soul" who affected me in everything he did, for me or for others"life changed after he passed away". I've one brother, Hesham who is 3 years younger than me. its funny that after 26 years I'm back to where I was born "the bay area"...


I recieved all my school degree's from the same school,the English school. It was a huge school that was in the beginning a hospital for the injuries of world war 2. It's funny that we had sooo many stories about ghosts somewhere and walking dead people as well, it was scary but it was fun as we made some crazy advantures there. we found nothing but we were scared to death...

I recieved both my Bachelor and my Masters degrees from the AAST, where I worked for 4 years as a TA and RA. It was so much fun and I learned alot in both my professional and my personal life...


I've many hoppies, crazy sometimes, for example:

  • Football
  • swimming
  • traveling
  • Listening to music
  • Basketball
  • Moviessssssssssss
  • Passing the course ;)
  • learning more about Snakes and swimming with Sharks "crazy ha"

Future Plans

My future planes are divided to plans for the near future and others for the far future.

For the near ones, I want to have some rest as I'm exhausted from the load I've. TA, my research and 3 cources are tooooooo much for a new student. and for sure to pass the course :P

For the far future, I WANT TO FINISH THE PhD and go sleeeeeeeeeeeep :)

This web Page is a private Property for me HANY AHMED FAHMY, and any try to steal its contents I'm warnning you,,,, the PC or LABTOP or whatever the device you are using WILL EXPLODE