Gabriel Byrne

1st year grad student, BME UC Santa Cruz, Fiat Slug.

Curriculum Vitae
Bachelor's Degree, MCD Biology, 2000 University of California Santa Cruz
Research Assistant, Scripps Research Institute 2001
Laboratory Technician, Paralle Genomics, 2002
Senior Specialist Cell Culture, BioMarin Pharmaceuticals 2003-2011

Back to School

My speciality lies in cell culture and recombinant protein expression
through both mammalian and bacterial cell lines.
I've worked with 1L to 200L perfusion systems and large scale fermentation.
Though I greatly enjoyed my time in the Biotech industry, every promotion
was taking me further into administration and away from the lab. Between
that a desire to go beyond my relatively surface level of understanding I
felt compelled to return to school. So far, it's been fantastic. It's
invigorating being surrounded by like minded people, hearing about what
they're working on, learning so much each day.

I just completed my 1st quarter rotation in the Berman lab
optimizing the transient expression of HIV gp120 envelope proteins using HEK293 cells.

Hobbies, interests

The Last two great books I read were: "As God Commands," by Niccolo Ammaniti.
Heavy and dark, well worth it.
And "The Oxford Book of Modern Science Writing,"
an amazing compilation of eminently readable science essays
covering all fields, from anthropology to astro physics.

If I not in the lab, I'm probably on a bicycle. Borderline obsessive racer :
road (crit sprinter), mountain and cyclocross