Fernando Guerra



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About Me

My name is Fernando Guerra, currently a graduate student in my first quarter here at UC Santa Cruz. I graduated from Santa Clara University in June 2019 with my Bachelor's in Computer Science and Engineering and my end goal is to finish my Master's in CSE sometime in the next academic year.

Outside of my academic and work life, I enjoy going out with friends and family, spending time outdoors and relaxing at home while watching TV and movies.

Areas of Interest

Current possible research interests in mind include artificial intelligence, robotics and medical devices as well as some topics in electrical engineering such as digital signal processing. Other interests of mine include computer security and software engineering.

If you would like to look at some small projects I have done, including my undergraduate thesis project, please use the Github tab in the navigation bar above. For a personal favorite research paper in computer security, Malware and Attack Technologies by Wenke Lee, please use the Research tab in the navigation bar.