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Eliana Stefani

Professional Engineer at Lockheed Martin

Pursuing Computer Engineering PhD at UCSC


Alongside PhD coursework, I'm a professional engineer supporting two projects at:

Lockheed Martin - Advanced Technology Center

AI & Robotics Engineer

Quantum Engineer

Pursuing PhD in Computer Engineering at:

University of California - Santa Cruz

Academic Interests

Unsupervised Object Learning using Semantic Image Segmentation

In my personal research, I am developing an unsupervised machine learning algorithm, which learns the existence of new objects given a set of data. This is an unsolved problem in Machine Learning, and my approach will eliminate the need for humans to manually label data for a neural network to train on.

Since background objects are frequently single regions, and foreground objects are typically heterogeneous groups of regions, I am using a combination of image segmentation, region clustering, and a learning heuristic, to form weighted hypotheses on learned objects.

This line of research will advance both object recognition software, as well as a computer’s ability to quickly pick out correlations in data that would otherwise be indistinguishable to the human eye.

Sea Otter 2017 - 2nd Place

Other Interests and Hobbies

  • Road and Mountain Bike Racing (Elite, Specialized)
  • Hiking & backpacking (Most recently Half Dome, Mt. Whitney, and Hawaii)
  • Baking things good for the mental health, but not so good for the physical health

Sea Otter 2017 - 2nd Place