Evan Olds - CMPS 200 web page

Below is a picture of my wife and I on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Academic interests / graduate school plans

I am interested in graphics algorithms that perform object identification and 3D scene reconstruction. More specifically, I want to take an approach that utilizes a hybrid of human and computer, wherein humans do things that are easy for humans and computers do things that are easy for computers.

As an example, humans can easily look at a photograph and click on various objects, labeleing them as people, buildings, cars, trees, etc. Identifying flat ground, slopes, walls, and roofs is also easy for humans. In addition, material identification (metal, plastic, wood, etc.) is simple for a human. All previously mentioned things are difficult to identify with image processing algorithms.

Once a computer has some information from a human, interpolating and extrapolating as necessary to reubild 3D scene information should be far easier for a computer than a human. I think this could make for an interesting research area.

Links to selected papers in my research area

Interest, passions, hobbies

(Do PhD students really have time for "hobbies"?)

My wife and I like eating good food from a variety of cuisines. Thai food and Italian food are among the favorites. If you're ever in Redwood City, try Arya Steakhouse. They have the best filet mignon I've ever tasted in my life.

I used to write a lot code as a hobby. Most of my projects were simple explorations for learning purposes, such as implementing a web server from the TCP socket level in C# and C++. Now, between work, school, and married life, I don't really have time for these projects anymore.