currently at University of California at Santa Cruz

ph.d. student in computer science & NSF fellow in STEM education

advised by james davis

previously studied at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

research assistant in the high-low tech group at the media lab

m.s. in media arts and sciences

advised by leah buechley

graduated from University of California at Santa Cruz (College Nine)

b.a. in computer science, concentration in computer graphics

minor in electronic music

studied abroad with Semester at Sea

voyage photos and musings



Promoting Constructive Mindsets for
Overcoming Failure in Computer Science Education

Emily Lovell

In Proceedings of International Computing Education Research (2014)

LilyPond: An Online Community for Sharing E-Textile Projects

Emily Lovell and Leah Buechley

In Proceedings of Creativity & Cognition (2011)

Living Wall: Programmable Wallpaper for Interactive Spaces

Leah Buechley, David Mellis, Hannah Perner-Wilson, Emily Lovell, and Bonifaz Kauffman

In Proceedings of Multimedia (2010)

CopyCAD: Remixing Physical Objects with Copy and Paste from the Real World

Sean Follmer, David Carr, Emily Lovell, and Hiroshi Ishii

In Adjunct Proceedings of User Interface Software and Technology (2010)

An E-Sewing Tutorial for DIY Learning

Emily Lovell and Leah Buechley

In Proceedings of Interaction Design and Children (2010)



LilyTiny (now available from SparkFun!)

A small sewable breakout board for ATtiny85 microcontrollers, enabling students to incorporate dynamic behavior into e-textile projects prior to learning to program.

+ Plush Monster Bonus Activity

workshop guide

Getting Hands-On with Soft Circuits (also available from Lulu)

A workshop guide for educators interested in sharing the expressive and computationally engaging field of e-textiles with their middle and high school students.

workshop guide


A budding e-textile web community that fosters creative collaboration through
the sharing of personal projects.

+ Introductory E-Sewing Tutorials

lilypond screenshot

graduate coursework

Technology for Creative Learning with Mitchel Resnick

Design for Empowerment with Leah Buechley

New Paradigms for Human-Computer Interaction with Pattie Maes & Hiroshi Ishii

Applying Cognitive Science to Learning and Teaching with Tina Grotzer (Harvard)

Technology and Self: Science, Technology, and Memoir with Sherry Turkle

Principles of Electronic Music Interfaces with Joe Paradiso (audited)

Radical Design for Learning with Jay Silver & Eric Rosenbaum (audited)

Engagement & Learning: Technologies to Invite & Immerse with Chris Dede (Harvard)