Software & LaTeX Files

I've written several pieces of software and class and style files for use with LaTeX.


LaTeX files

Bio-bibliography document class file
This class file has commands and environments to simplify the creation of a bio-bibliography, which is part of faculty evaluations at UC Santa Cruz (and other University of California schools as well). It includes support for embedded links to papers (useful if you want everything to be available electronically) and identification of student co-authors.
This file might also be good for use in building curriculum vitae for anybody. For an example of how to use this file, please see an abbreviated version of my CV. You may also need the revnum.sty style file.
UC letterhead class file
You'll need both the UC letterhead class file itself and the UC seal PostScript file.
General purpose exam class file
This file has support for multiple-choice questions. It also has environments that allow you to enter answers to questions and print versions of the exam either with or without the answers embedded.