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CMPS 221: Advanced Operating Systems
Fall 2002

General Information

This is where you will find announcements about the class.

Basic information

Class news & notes

  • 27 Nov: If you want to use the SSRC LaTeX templates, the files are available as a compressed tar file.
  • 27 Nov: Poster presentations will be from 2–4 PM on Thursday, December 5th in Jack's Lounge (the open area with whiteboards on the first floor of Baskin).
  • 21 Nov: Your project paper is due at 5 PM PST on Wednesday, December 4th by email to
  • 21 Nov: The final exam is now available. It is due by email to at 5 PM PST on Wednesday, December 4th.
  • 1 Nov: The bug with Rosenblum's performance paper has been fixed—it now points at the correct paper.
  • 1 Nov: You may rate the papers you've read in this class. Note that this link will require that you enter your class password just as you would to download papers.
  • 23 Sep: Please use the email address for submitting your paper reviews.
  • 23 Sep: On Thursday, September 26th, class will be held in Room 215 of the Science & Engineering Library.
  • 5 Aug: Students who want to take CMPS 221 need to have taken CMPS 111 or equivalent. If you are an incoming grad student and aren't sure if you're ready to take CMPS 221, please send me email (

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