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My name is Ehsan Khish Ardestani Zadeh (in Persian: Ehsan e Khish e Ardestani Zadeh, احسان خویش اردستانی زاده).
I was born in Isfahan , Iran.

Beside engineering stuff, I enjoy reading and I am interested in Persian Literature, History, Philosophy, and Psychology. I also enjoy nature vary much. Sometimes I write here (Not IEEE or ACM! or even in English). I still wonder where I came from, why I am here, and to where I am heading.(از کجا آمده‌ام آمدنم بهر چه بود؟ به کجا میروم آخر ننمائی وطنم.) If you think you have an answer for that drop me a message here.

Oh and I should mention that I had the pleasure of studying at Isfahan University, Tehran Polytechnic, and now UC Santa Cruz. But life has been the most amazing school I've ever been to.

Ehsan K. Ardestani

  • 1156 High Street MS-SOE2
  • University of California
  • Santa Cruz, CA 95064

  • MASC Laboratory - E2 216
  • Email: eka@soe.ucsc.edu


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