Call for Papers - SCM-12

12th International Workshop on Software Configuration Management

Co-Located with ESEC/FSE 2005
Lisbon, Portugal, September 5-6, 2005

The call for papers deadline has now passed. If you wish to participate in the workshop, you may still submit a 1 page statement of interest to Jim Whitehead

Goals and Scope

The discipline of software configuration management (SCM) provides one of the best success stories in the field of software engineering. With the availability of over a hundred commercial SCM systems that together form a billion dollar marketplace, and the explicit recognition of SCM by such standards as the CMM and ISO-9000, the discipline has established itself as one of the essential cornerstones of software engineering.

Engineering and product data management shares many common goals with SCM systems. These systems must record the evolution of product artifacts, and be able to recreate stable configurations of the same. Similar approaches are used to record version histories, create configurations, and manage cooperative work on shared documents. However, the focus on engineering and product management brings new challenges inherent to this domain.

While SCM is a well-established discipline, innovative software engineering approaches constitute new challenges that require support in new and in integrated engineering areas in form of new or improved tools, techniques, and processes. These challenges emerge in component-based development, distributed systems, dynamically bound and reconfigured systems, embedded systems, software architecture, web-based systems, XML, engineering/product data management, system engineering, process suppport, concurrent and cooperative engineering, etc.

SCM-12 provides a forum for presenting and discussing innovative approaches to SCM and engineering/product data mangement. Moreover, it has a strong interdisciplinary flavor and specifically invites participants from related disciplines.


SCM-12 will be open to all participants interested in SCM. The workshop addresses participants from both universities and industry, researchers and practitioners. Registration for the workshop is not restricted, though the program committee requests participants without accepted position papers to write a brief (~1 page) statement of their interest in software configuration management.

Paper Submissions

SCM-12 invites three categories of submissions.

  1. Long papers (14-16 pages) describe technical contributions to SCM in depth. This includes both research papers and experience reports.
  2. Short papers (6-8 pages) concisely describe ongoing work, new ideas, experiences, etc.
  3. Assessment papers (up to 30 pages) describe detailed development scenarios that can be used to assess one or more capabilities of SCM systems (see additional description below).

All submitted papers will be reviewed by the program committee. Papers must not have been previously published or submitted elsewhere. The proceedings will be published in the LNCS series (Springer-Verlag). Submissions must conform to the LNCS style.

Best papers from the workshop will be invited to submit to a special issue of the Elsevier journal, Science of Computer Programming (SCP), on the topic of Software Configuration Management.

Suggested Paper Topics

All papers are invited which refer to SCM or related disciplines. Papers may address one or more of the following topics (but are not limited to these topics):

  • Version, variant, and configuration control
  • Process support
  • Distributed and cooperative work
  • Workspace management
  • Software manufacture and software deployment
  • SCM and software architecture (architectures for SCM systems, SCM support for software architecture)
  • SCM for component-based, embedded, dynamically bound and reconfigured systems
  • SCM for web applications
  • Industrial experiences gained from introducing and applying SCM systems
  • Adoption of SCM technology
  • Process improvement, maturity models, and metrics
  • Related disciplines, e.g., engineering/product data management, document management, digital asset management
  • Metrics for the assessment of SCM system behavior or performance
  • Requirements for next-generation SCM system features
  • Software change impact analysis
  • Algorithms and tools for merging software

Assessment scenario papers are invited. Such papers provide a detailed scenario of the evolution of (an aspect of) a software system, such that the scenario permits the crisp comparison of one or more SCM features. Such papers should clearly describe the scenario or scenarios, in some combination of textual and graphical form, in an SCM-system-neutral way. Papers must also describe the particular system feature the scenario explores. Actual behavior of one or more SCM systems when representing the scenario is a plus. Since graphical representation of software evolution scenarios in the form of multiple figures can be very space consuming, the page limits for such articles are relaxed to a upper bound of 30 pages.

Paper Submission Process

We are using an automated, web-based system for paper submission. Please click here or visit to submit your paper.