Working Documents for the BS in Computer Science: Computer Game Design

This page contains the working documents used to create a new degree at UCSC, the BS in Computer Science: Computer Game Design. The degree was officially approved on June 15, 2006 by UC Santa Cruz, and launched in Fall, 2006. Since that time there have been minor revisions to the major, and hence the degree proposal should not be viewed as a definitie statement about the current degree requirements for the major. Current requirements are founds in the UCSC General Catalog.

Degree Proposal for Computer Game Design

Charter for the Computer Game Design degree

Approval Letter

David Kliger, Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor

Academic Senate letters

Richard Hughey, Chair, Committee on Educational Policy
Paul Koch, Chair, Committee on Planning and Budget

Supporting letters

Michael Isaacson, Acting Dean, Baskin School of Engineering
Leta Miller, Acting Dean, Arts Division
Ira Pohl, Chair of Computer Science

Support of the program Charter

Richard Hughey, Chair of Computer Engineering
Dom Massaro, Chair of Digital Arts New Media
Frank Galuszka, Chair of Art
Mark Franko, Chair of Theater Arts
Lori Kletzer, Chair of Economics
John Schechter, Chair of Music
Paul Roth, Chair of Philosophy
Dave Belanger, Chair of Physics
Chip Lord, Chair of Film and Digital Media
David Draper, Chair of Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Richard Montgomery, Chair of Mathematics
David Deamer, Chair of Biomolecular Engineering