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Jim Whitehead

Dept. of Computational Media
Baskin Engineering
University of California, Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz, CA 95064

(831) 459-1227

Jim is Professor of Computational Media at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where he performs research in the fields of software evolution, software bug prediction, and automated generation of computer game levels.

About me

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    Curriculum Vitae (including links to papers I have written)


    Game Design Experience, CS 20 (undergraduate), [Winter 2009] [Winter 2008]
    Foundations of Interactive Game Design, CS 80K (undergraduate), [Winter 2008] [Winter 2007] [Winter 2006]
    Topics in Software Engineering, Software Evolution, CS 290G (graduate), [Winter 2007] [Winter 2005]
    Software Design Project, CS 116 [Spring 2006] [Spring 2005] [Spring 2004]
    Topics in Software Engineering, Software Configuration Management, CS 290G (graduate), [Fall 2003]
    Hypermedia and the Web, CS 183, (senior level undergraduate), [Spring 2006] [Spring 2005] [Winter 2004] [Spring 2003]
    Software Methodology, CS 115, (senior level undergraduate), [Winter 2003] [Fall 2002] [Spring 2002] [Winter 2001]
    Topics in Software Engineering: Architecture and Design of Internet Information Systems, CS 290G, (graduate), [Winter 2002]
    Software Engineering, CE 276, (graduate), [Fall 2000]


    Zhongpeng Lin (PhD)
    Huascar Sanchez (PhD)

Graduated Students

    Marc Hansen, PhD, 2005, "An Analysis of the Diagrammatic Visual Data Querying Domain"
    Sung Kim, PhD, 2006, "Adaptive Bug Prediction by Analyzing Project History"
    Kai Pan, PhD, 2006, "Using Evolution Patterns to Find Duplicated Bugs"
    Jennifer Bevan, PhD, 2006, "Software Instability Analysis: Co-Change Analysis Across Configuration-Based Dependence Relationships"
    Guozheng Ge, PhD, 2008, "Rhizome: A Feature Modeling and Generation Platform for Software Product Lines"
    Gillian Smith, PhD, 2012, "Expressive Design Tools: Procedural Content Generation for Game Designers"
    Ken Hullett, PhD, 2012, "The Science of Level Design: Design Patterns and Analysis of Player Behavior in First-Person Shooter Levels"
    Caitlin Sadowski, PhD, 2012, "Dynamic Prediction of Concurrency Errors"
    Mark Slater, PhD, 2013, "Academic Knowledge Transfer in Social Networks"
    Shiv Shivaji, PhD, 2013, "Efficient Bug Prediction and Fix Suggestions"
    Chris Lewis, PhD, 2013, "Motivational Design Patterns"

Game Design Major

I was an active participant in successful efforts to create a new undegraduate major, the BS in Computer Science: Computer Game Design. As of June 15, 2006, this new major is officially approved by UC Santa Cruz. This major will be offered starting in Fall 2006 by the Dept. of Computer Science, and is very interdisciplinary, including several courses from the Arts Division on campus. It is a rigorous Computer Science degree, providing a solid, strong background in computer science, with additional courses that teach the elements of computer game design. A three course capstone design sequence permits students to work in teams for a year to develop a substantial computer game.

    Computer Game Design degree proposal documents
    Common Questions and Answers about the Computer Game Design major


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University of California, Santa Cruz
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Department of Computer Science
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