CPE 102 Program 7 - Anything!

Assignment Preparation

Your final project will be a team based project. The entire team will share the same grade unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Teams should be of two unless I have given explicit permission.

After you gather your team and have an idea about what you want your project to be, talk with me about it. I can tell you if it will be a good project. We will usually change some parts of it before you start.

I need to approve your project before you start working on it.

The Task

The task for this assignment is simple: create an application (program) using Java.


Your program will have to follow the following requirements:


Design Writeup

You are expected to deliver a writeup about the design of your application. Your writeup should contain adequate information on the following:


Before your project demonstration, you will have to turn in a copy of your code. This can be via handin, or via email. If you turn it in via handin, send me an email so I know it is there.


At least one of your team members must host the javadocs for your program on their school homepage (users.csc.calpoly.edu/~username).

Project Demonstration

You will need to demonstrate your project to me.

You will be required to schedule a demo to take place no latter than March 18th (finals week).

Break Code

If I cannot break your code during the demonstration, you can get extra credit.


Submission Instructions

You will be required to schedule a demo to take place no latter than March 18th (finals week). I may not pursue you if you forget to schedule one. A missed demo can be catastrophic to your grade.

You must submit a copy of your code (even if it is incomplete) via email at least one day prior to your demo. (Handin is fine too, but you need to send me an email telling me it is there.)

If any changes are made to your code after your demo, I will expect an updated version no later than 11:59PM on the Friday of finals week.