Americans love to celebrate and nothing says let's celebrate a good Old Fashion 4th of July Event. One of most effective places to celebrate the 4th of July is due to Kent County, Maryland. Established in 1642, Kent County has a long history and tradition of celebrating in part because of of our nation.

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Don't think it's your three year-old. This game is based on fluid physics and was brought to life by Disney starring two adorable alligators- Cranky and Swampy. Initially available only with a iPhone, this hit game eventually made its strategy the Android market. It's noted for your excellent graphics and control options. Online game play usually get Swampy the neat freak clean and preventing Cranky, a super tough alligator from disrupting his bathtime. All you prefer to do is move water from its source to Swampy's quaint bathtub via your fingers while negotiating obstacles and potential hazards. Undoubtedly you have to well considered plan coupled with a clever eye to succeed right from these locations. Fun filled game, invigorating to play and follows the success of Angry Birds.

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