(Image: https://cdn.slidesharecdn.com/ss_thumbnails/16c487ab061-190801065610-thumbnail-3.jpg)There are many levels of this growing number of individuals. At the beginning are the type who may have the awakening moments. They may have been a part of one of several local disaster which have hit the Unites States of America during the last year or two and realize that outside help is not something one can completely depend upon. So they have started down the path of locating a few things during the pantry, getting some extra flash lights and batteries. They have began to build a conference location for their family during times of emergency. They may have even added a number of extra words on their vocabulary for example bug out bag, survival sardine cans and reserve water supply.

Generally, the idea of these theories in 2012 centers on the end on the planet or even a certain calamity that may kill all or almost all of humanity. This calamity ranges from collisions of heavenly bodies, to explosion with the sun and flood. Some of the predictions point out that if you think maybe in God, Buddha, Allah, etc., you will survive providing you pray and prepare.

external frameUniversities are leading the way inside design of revolutionary style housing that can withstand the very best that earthquakes can throw at us. Dome houses ought to date survived testing depending on previous magnitude scale quakes. These structures come with an igloo-like appearance but are made out of an interlocking membrane that can move and shake without taking any infrastructural damage to the mainframe. Further testing was applied with heavier stress levels applied and still the structures came through unscathed. It is this sort of structure we needs to be investigating even if the end of the world does not happen on December 21 2012. There is a great opportunity here for the rebuilding of Haiti to use as a building block for the future

You can find a similar thought of 2012 doomsday prophecy inside Aztec calendar. Many people believe that it is just copy from the Mayan calendar. If you still don't fall for concerning the forecast succumbed these places it's also possible to refer the predictions of I-Ching, Merlin, The Cybil, The Bible, Nostradamus and Mother Shipton. In every place the end in the world is mentioned and for that reason this prediction was required to come true.

The Mayans were a superstitious people as well as the end of 1 of those cycles, known as a Calendar Round, that's approximately every 52 years, was described as unlucky some time to one during which the Mayans sought to prevent doing something that might bring disaster or tragedy upon them. It was considered an extremely unlucky time to be born.

Other historical examples occur in times of war: World Wars 1&2, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the like. These days needless to say, we've got many different ways to calculate these doomsday scenarios intended for the end of the world. The cycles with the planets and stars aren't of course controllable by us mere humans therefore you can't simply state that these predictions are absurd or dismiss them totally.

To begin with, the precision of geometry and mathematical alignments found in the making of these crop circles surpass any man made capability. These newly evolved patterns show us solar and lunar calendars, astronomical predictions, binary codes and a whole lot. After studying these patterns as well as their geometric perfection you realize they're showing us something a great deal more important. These images tell of an occasion when everything can change. This time is December 21, 2012. Those that know this is among the few who're guaranteed 2012 survival.

Have you heard of Pascal's Wager? According to Blaise Pascal, God can't be shown to exist or not exist. Using that reasoning, he admits that there's to get gained by believing in God, and absolutely nothing to gain by not. A person not using any rational thought is not going to have confidence in God so when they die, they're not accepted into heaven. A rational person, alternatively, would think that God exists because eventually, they'll be cared for and allowed straight into heaven. What does this relate to Doomsday 2012? A lot, really.

Mayan history, future technology, pulse-pounding action, game theory, politics as well as a little romance - it is an impressive begin to the trilogy. The author has obviously done his research and the man provides a good amount of detail. Sometimes the pace plods and quite often it's chaotic but on the whole a gripping adventure which will have readers clamoring for book two.

The supporters of Planet X around the world believe the world is coming to an end. But then there are those who have predicted this and walked around with sandwich-boards, advertising the finish of the planet, as long as there has been people. Even Chicken Little thought the sun was falling down when an acorn fell on his head and lots of people believed him!

However, it is a known proven fact that there are a lot of failed prophecies regarding the end on the planet, plus some had even gone as far back as the seventeenth century, now how is this 2012 prophecy of the Mayans any different? The answer to this is very easy, The truth about the 2012 phenomenon is that it's a prophecy created by a historical civilization which is known even up to now, for their astronomical and mathematical advancement in addition to deeply ingrained spirituality and superstition. The ancient Mayan's Long count calendar accurately calculates our planet's current life cycle of 5,125 a number of this life cycle will come to a end on Friday, 21st of December, 2012.

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