There are preferred continents selected that could be most favourable to outlive with the impending chaos depending on this research. However it is not economically practical for all to up sticks and move continent - what / things you need to do? Look at your current the earth. Where do you live? Is it in a very piled up area, are you currently flanked by high-rise buildings? Do you live in a low-lying coastal region that you will find devastated by way of a tsunami? If these questions are applicable for your requirements it can be smart to look at a turn to a far more appropriate future home. The most obvious and easiest of choices is always to head to the hills, a house at the higher altitude on a mountainside makes far more sense. Even this solution throws up a unique questions as certain theorists believe that many mountains will exist no longer as a result of collapse or sinking - again it is vital which you keep yourself updated on latest predictions.

About a year ago I published a write-up titled '2102, Nostradamus, Mayan Calendar, Oh My!' The article was obviously a light-hearted glance at the year 2012 and a few of their inauspicious predictions. Quite surprisingly, that article has become found and published on numerous websites and blogs during the last 12 months and I continually receive email from readers and webmasters worldwide urging me to write down more about this rapidly approaching year (it has recently been plagiarized to the point of absurdity). While the desire for my 2012 article is both encouraging and flattering, I think the achievements the piece really suggests two simple realities:

o The Year 2012 From calculations of astrophysicists and also other scientists, a destructive phenomenon is predicted that occurs on the 21st of December, year 2012 that will cause chaos for the earth plus the living creatures inside it. Possible events might include solar flares and also the approach in the Planet X on the earth that might eventually lead on the earth to rupture because former hits it and helps to create a forceful impact. In the Mayan myth, for the other hand, the events stated about the Mayan calendar also highlights an identical sort of destruction on the earth, although info is not so specific. Some religious groups feel that the bible has indicated in its scriptures that through the year 2012, the final with the world would commence.

I am often asked what to do to get ready for an economic collapse and also the response I give often surprises people. They feel that I am going to mention investments and finances, but I discuss food. The fact is that food shortages certainly are a very real consequence of a financial collapse as well as the hyperinflation that accompanies it. I form of expected a better solution I received, “No, I don't have food .” I didn't need to discourage him about protecting his family but simultaneously I feel that FEEDING your family is protecting them also. I gently encouraged him to get started on thinking about starting his food purchases FIRST, then as money permitted to consider purchasing his weapons.

If Abdussamatov along with other “ice age” proponents are right, then efforts to cut back warming are in best misguided at worst dangerous. Throughout history, cold is a greater killer of people than is heat. A colder climate has historically ended in increased the incidence of famine and disease.

The last encoded date found up to now is 2126 AD. This is a bit encouraging, mainly because it does mean that the earth will never be utterly destroyed within our lifetime. However, there does seem to be a note in Bible Codes 2012 that is certainly also implied with the Mayan prophecy, the globe as we know it will be changed forever in December, 2012.

That is why nature has taken a bashing as a result of people that want wealth. The trees we need to make oxygen to breathe are increasingly being chopped down at the great rate by opportunists who obtain them as dollars within their pockets. Forget the oxygen and end up forgetting the cooling effects on this planet that trees provide because financial resources are the thing that matters inside manmade arena of make-believe. While you are over it you are able to dismiss the creatures dependent upon them for food and protection in addition to providing breeding places because of their young simply because they have no place restricted to them where cash is concerned.

Considering the last doomsday prediction in 2000, it IS rather intriguing why the ancient Mayan 2012 apocalypse prophecy were built with a lot of people believing, so much so that Hollywood banked on said popularity and earned millions by looking into making a motion picture about it. The first of such many reasons for credibility stems from the trustworthiness of the traditional Mayans like a methodical, scientifically and mathematically advanced, religious and spiritual race. The most referenced and many popular version from the prediction is that with the Mayan calendar that accurately predicts the final in the Earth's current life cycle. Although scientists, astronomy and biblical scholars have fought and debated on the validity and accuracy in the calendar and the traditional Mayan calculations, each of them agreed in the final that the ancient calculation in the Earth's lunar cycle is just thirty seconds off than that in the globally accepted lunar cycle; that is certainly it for everyone, Shtf Guns then.

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