Your favorite classic just got an upgrade. However, the vibrations could not rival the power of the Magic Wand, and the control panel was a bit confusing and finicky. Wand Vibrators & Massagers. For realsies, it's pretty awesome and I love Bodywand for making this a thing in my life. Obtain at least one of each of four types: a pocket rocket style clitoral stimulator, an insertable G-spot vibrator, an egg shaped buzzer, and a body massager (Hitachi magic wand).

Our testers raved about the original toy's subtle but powerful suction feature, comparing it to the sensation of oral sex, while lamenting that model's high price tag and tacky appearance (think a doctor's otoscope adorned with leopard print and rhinestones).

But I'll let you in on a secret: some companies have been producing attachments for wand vibes that serve a variety of purposes, and can help transfer those powerhouse vibrations into a variety of shapes. This attachment brings the enjoyment of a rabbit dildo to the Magic Wand world.

Wand vibes can be amazing for some people-those who crave aggressively strong, broad vibrations-but they're not everyone's cup of tea. Not only is the Curve much more comfortable in hand and angled in way that makes targeting sweet spots possible in almost any position, it also includes a second interchangeable head attachment.

Other wands that are compatible with these attachments are the Kink Power Wand (2.25” inch width), and the Le Wand (2.25” inch width), Lelo Smart Wand (2.36” inch width), Wand Essentials Rechargeable (2.30” inch width), and Sinclair Institute Select (2.25” inch width).