(Image: https://search.aol.com/aol/https:5C/image.slidesharecdn.com5C/955C/5C/a-split-protocol-technique-for-web-server-migration3275-121010083405-phpapp015C/a-split-protocol-technique-for-web-server-migration-12-728.jpg?cb=1349858112)For ssd dedicated server offer we always use latest Samsung EVO SSD for maximum performance and dependability. All our RAM are ECC RAM. LayerOnline only use enterprise grade disks with ultra high performance and lower failure rate. LayerOnline server also comes with 100% network uptime guarantee.

Besides creating a good-looking site, high criteria of technology can be expected too, far above the normal CODE and XML ones. 0 is a wonderful device for the development of websites which usually generate a lot of traffic, in a low cost. Rather than making an investment within the costly image editors that are used for commercial purposes, you are able to very well go for freeware plus shareware for similar results. The particular SOA architecture and the mash-up technology, among others, are some from the popular Web 2. Furthermore, a regular ISP can web host your website, so there is also no need for having a dedicated server.

That is why plenty of people today choose VIRTUAL PRIVATE game server hosting hosting since it offers all of them an isolated experience to ensure that their traffic would not have their neighbors. Even though this is an excellent choice, you should have some quantity of experience and knowledge dealing with web hosting and server considering that maintenance would be involved. Each customer can install any kind of operating-system or any software that they would like with root access. The particular service providers might not offer you appropriate programs as per your needs however, you will have the freedom to set up the programs that you like. If you select VPS, you would have got root access.

You can get a VIRTUAL PRIVATE game server ready in 2 to 3 hrs once you have ordered it for your hosting provider. So this ease of getting a server also attracts many people. This is not therefore in the case of a dedicated server hosting server. When you have placed an order for this, ssd dedicated server offer the hosting provider usually takes a day or two to deliver your machine to you since it is a actual server.

The most popular program is the $9. You simply enter in your simple account information and payment choice and you are set. 95/mo discussed account. Signing up for the accounts went off without a problem.

Use it to safeguard yourself from random sixties who will run by or even from mobs when you are far from your keyboard. This ability will keep you through dying many times. Probably the most important abilities that a fake possesses is stealth.

Each server also comes with five IPs ready for virtualization. All LayerOnline servers are VMWare certified with HW RAID for both HDD and SSD. Many low grade RAID controllers used by other providers are actually not VMWare or SSD suitable. We also provide gigabit private network for internal communication between nodes.

At the very top is BurstNet, which may be only $5. 95 yet previously has 20 GIGABYTE diskspace, is utilizing 512 MB for Ram memory space, with 1000 GB intended for Bandwidth, has two IP addresses, but can be set up in 12 hours.

That's why each of LayerOnline server is fully customizable. We understand that each business is unique. We don't limit your options by the type of server you choose, unless it's limited by the hardware. You can upgrade to 1TB SSD RAID and 1TB SOLID STATE DRIVE for your entry level dedicated server special server if you want. We allow you to configure all aspects of your dedicated server, including CPU, memory, hard drive, RAID type and many more.

Not many dedicated server providers provide true 24/7/365 live chat. Our average wait time is less than 30 seconds. Any time you have a question or problem about your server, even at 3am in the morning, LayerOnline are just a click away, fixing your problem right on the spot.

We understand that your business is important to you. And your data is your company most valuable asset. To protect your data, double disks RAID1 comes standard along with every LayerOnline game server hosting configuration. On top of that, 1TB (same or bigger) backup hard disk drive also comes standard with every single game server hosting. LayerOnline DDOS protection equipment is able to handle very heavy DDOS attacks and your server won't even notice that it's under attack.

We also offer cost match for all the big players in the marketplace. Our happiness manager will make sure you will be completely satisfied with our offering plus services. We have been specialized in providing cloud and devoted server solutions. We custom customize the server package specifically for your business needs and budget with great discounts.