Don't want to hear “I'm bored” the next time you go camping with the kids? Admittedly, I am not a city person so the chaotic and busy cities of ho chi minh street food tour Chi Minh and Hanoi are not really my cup of tea. I was doing solo traveling to Saigon without much planning & knowledge due to last min arrangement. After a fun ride on the back of the scooter from picking up from your hotel, our first stop is Vietnamese Savory Crispy Pancake with Mango Leaves.

I'm a local boy who grows in Saigon. Thank you selena loan-tour guide that you let me know clearly about wonderful city. Once we stopped for Vietnamese street food, explored the best Vietnamese restaurant in Saigon, or to look at something in particular, Tai would take over and go into depth about what we were eating or about to see.

This was not a sponsored tour for us, but because we were so thrilled with this tour and what these people are accomplishing from their business, I was more than happy to promote their company for them here on my travel blog. And the ladies that I met on the tour were a friendly bunch, who wore traditional Ao Dai outfits, expertly navigated the city, and easily spoke English to explain about city sights as we zoomed past.

Here Tung provides a short socio-economic lesson, noting how Vietnam is increasingly a country of haves and have-nots; where families of 10 are crowded into single-floor shophouse apartments while the rich pay 300% import duties on Bentleys and put all their money into District 7 condominiums to protect against the increasingly devaluation of the Vietnamese Dong.

You can rent a scooter for about $25 for the whole day or get a VW convertible, which is perfect for island exploring, for about $45. Worming through the beautiful French Colonial Quarter, hectic Hanoi Old Quarter and historical Ba Dinh District; glimpsing the tourist highlights of Hanoi in Classical Hanoi and City Highlights.

We launched the innovative tour company called “Bangkok Food Tours” to let visitors from all over the world experience the ultimate food and cultural exploration in Bangkok and its environs. Getting cash in advance from cards is possible at Vietcombank and some foreign banks in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

3 of them are university students juggling school and work and Cam had graduated recently and now worked as an accountant during the day for a major international fast food chain. To encounter with Hanoi street food, receiving a dinner invitation from a family is a wonderful way.