What is web hosting It is a service that allows an individual and an organization to post a website or web pages on the internet. A web host is also called a web hosting service provider that provides the necessaries tools to host and post any content to be viewed and accessed over the internet. All websites are usually hosted, or stored on special computers called servers in a datacenter (computers that run 24/7) that can be anywhere in the world. When Internet users want to access your website all they need to do is to type your website address or also called domain name in their browser (e.g: theelector.com). Once the user typed your domain name their computer will connect to the server in the datacenter and the website will be delivered through the browser. In some cases hosting companies require the user to have their domain name, however, If not, they will usually provide domain name registration. Bellow images are a representation of what is needed for a website to run online.

How to choose the best web hosting Choosing a web hosting is not something easy, this depends on the needs of each user. Some websites require more space, databases, emails, speed or bandwidth than others. If you want to WordPress, HTML, Joomla…etc website, the best option is The Elector web hosting is a popular company that offers one-click installation for most services which saves time when creating any website. Some tips for choosing the best web hosting for your needs: 1. What are my hosting needs? 2. Can I easily upgrade? 3. Do they provide e-commerce features? 4. What kind of support do they offer? 5. Do they offer domain names too? Best web hosting price The Elector provides some of the best prices around the world with some other free services that can be seen below.

The Elector hosting is one of the fewer companies that provide Free SSL Certificates and Free Website Builder to its users with no extra cost. For example, a basic hosting package allows you to host: One website - WordPress, HTML…etc 10 GB Storage – Even too much for small websites, usually websites only need around 5GB Unlimited Bandwidth - is very important when the website has a lot of traffic: Free Website Builder – If you are unfamiliar with website codes this option is the best for you because you can choose from lots of website templates that are already made. Free SSL Certificates – Instant delivery for any SSL Certificates 2 Databases - A database allows the data to be accessed in a more simpler manner such as would appear in an excel spreadsheet or access database 2 FTP & Email - is used for uploading and managing files on your website, and how many email accounts you are allowed to have. cPanel – is a web-based control panel tool that will help you manage your web hosting account through a web interface instead of a console. If you need more space or if you want to host unlimited websites than Master hosting packages is the best option for you, for only £9.99 you can host as many websites you wish and for each website will provide a separate account to make thing easy to be managed. If for example you chose Basic hosting and you want to upgrade to Master package this is possible via your account dashboard without the need to contact support, however, if you find it difficult to upgrade or have any issue with something else they provide 24/7 chat support.

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