Now, you might be wondering what these “disturbing effects” could be. Well, according to the astronomers and scientists that still study this planet X, planet Nibiru is very effective at causing extreme famine, national and global wars, ensuing disasters for example deluges, high magnitude earthquakes, and in many cases lack of natural resources especially water. Most of this the entire world is experiencing today but what is most disturbing is that it is believed that after this planet Nibiru or 2012 Doomsday Planet X enters the inner part of the solar system and makes experience of the planets especially Earth, a tantamount collision will take place which will lead to the end of our home planet Earth.

external pageIf it is the coming of latest consciousness, it may threaten our kind of life, our daily comings and goings, our relationships with this families and neighbors. It may threaten our political behavior and our international behavior. I say threaten want . new consciousness implies an alternative way of thinking, an ascension of sorts. It implies consist of the way in which we're now. Change is always a threat to us.

A crisis brings out the best and the worst in people, and you will probably encounter both good people and bad after a disaster. When the lights just go individuals are scrambling to survive you will find those able to take advantage of the situation. Looting begins almost immediately during any crisis. Criminals use the lack of nighttime lighting to their advantage. You have a family and possessions that really must be kept safe. Your emergency stockpile will be the only thing in certain cases keeping you alive and it have to be protected. People react to a crisis differently and otherwise law-abiding citizens when they feel desperate may turn to violence to acquire what they need. You should consider creating a firearm or another means of protection within a doomsday situation. If you decide to have a firearm you have to make steps to legally obtain one.

In the days and hours, leading up to a disaster is not the time for you to try to build your emergency food cache. Grocery and other retailers is going to be clogged with procrastinators inside hours ahead of the disaster is predicted to strike, that might mean you may leave empty handed. Many storms are seasonal and everyone generally knows some time of year they are able to expect one, and then there are those that can strike unexpectedly including earthquakes or dam and levee failures. In other words, a devastating disaster can strike at anytime and if you're not prepared which make it more devastating.

To say I feel let down can be an understatement, I broke down and purchased a family size pack of quality streets, I put on my new shoes so I could outrun the looters, and I shaved therefore the Messiah wouldn't think I was a hobo, how quick ones dreams could be shattered. Now we understand it isn't the finish of the world, and I am still having yolk on my face, and I'm embarrassed to boot. So where to came from here? How do I fill my well being with purpose, what exactly is there to appear to considering that the Mayans let's all the way down? The only plausible solution on this I can imagine, would be to lay out my own prediction, the other that is prone to be realized because I did science and stuff in school.

Why haven't you, does one expect as soon as the shit hits the fan you should have enough time to proceed making your B.O.B. or have enough time to obtain everything prepared? Or do you imagine getting the stuff will be as far as you have to travel. What can happen if something happens that precipitates bugging out really fast. Say a nuclear blast, a train derailment with toxic fumes, along with something similar to a sizable sink hole near your home like happened in Florida in May of 2012. These situations may cause that you quickly evacuate your property. Would you like to get ready or do you like to be caught with your pants down like countless People in America who barely develop the resources and whits to last even a couple of days after a major incident?

And there is another End on the planet theory which had started and fueled the 2012 official countdown. It is said how the Earth is long overdue for the next magnetic pole shift within the past five thousand years and it is most likely that he shifting with the north and south poles may occur a couple of years from now.

There is a saying amongst survivalists and backpackers that goes like this: “The more knowledge you carry in your mind, the less gear you'll have to keep on your back.” This has very serious implications for the person getting ready for power outages and depending on their portable backup power generator.

Almost as if responding to the telltale silly counterfeits, the elaborated complexities of crop circle patterns have evolved into unimaginable dimensionality and depth. To those of us who have taken it upon ourselves for being more educated inside the strategies to natural and astronomical mathematics and patterns, there has emerged a really significant message to every one new crop circle pattern that comes about. Is this message telling us of the change of life as we know it on December 21, 2012? Or is it a huge hoax? The truth will insure your 2012 survival. In case you liked this post in addition to you desire to receive details regarding research by the staff of generously pay a visit to our web site.