Is this the bucket list item you've been waiting to cross off all these years? It's one thing to visit a winery from time to time but it's a whole other story remain in or are living in a Wine Barrel. Some would contemplate this a dream come true or a question that is finally answered. Who doesn't want to fall asleep and then wake up to beautiful sunrise overlooking the attractive vineyard prior to you? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well whether you're a wine lover or not, this kind of is becoming a fact thanks into the Quinta da Pacheca show place.

The unfortunate a necessary part? It's not in the US. However, this just means you merely have to take an amazing vacation to Portugal someday soon. It's worth the trip because one in the only places in everyone around you that you get to sleep in an enormous wine barrel, an experience that all your friends really can be jealous of. To be able to mention, if you are looking for something absolutely romantic, then you will the perfect getaway. You'll love it so much that you should move into one forever.

Through the night you can stare up at celebrities using your personal skylight while laying between the sheets. Then, imagine waking up at dawn and watching the sunrise as you stretch before you walk along with the 140-acre winery. Leisurely enjoy your morning until all set to try all of the varieties of wine this 116-year-old vineyard has to offer. There are now over 15 rooms in which Quinta da Pacheca makes their wine beverages.

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