Motorcycle riders are a sore bunch, so soaking in hot springs during our travels is practically a medical necessity. On chain driven motorcycles, chain oil should be applied to the length of the chain after each full day's ride - this is essential maintenance for the preservation of chain and sprocket life and to help maintain correct chain tension throughout your tour.

My way of planning a route, is to take a marker in the morning, before we leave, and draw a line next to the roads I want to follow that day (and at the end of the day I draw a line in different colour for the route we did take). It's tempting to try to cram everything you want to do into one trip, but unless you're competing in the Iron Butt Rally , your motorcycle tour is a vacation, not an endurance run.

Whether you're a long-time rider or just got into the game with your first touring bike, long distance riding is a lot different than everyday riding. The cover includes motorcycle hire for up to 14 days (maximum £60 per day) if you breakdown and your own bike cannot be repaired.

Plan all routes ahead of time. Better yet, pack healthy snacks and have a roadside picnic, Http:// instead. During the ride, check the oil on level ground after each day of riding. You will wonder how they can produce these 110-125cc step-thrus for little more than USD$1,000 brand new, but they do and the ones floating around the roads of Thailand are almost all made in the land of smiles.

Add a couple of Go Pro cameras to your helmet or bike and record those memorable moments on the road. Plan ahead so you can take some time to get used to, and break in, new gear before you spend hours and days with it on the road. Unfamiliar roads have a tendency to catch riders out.

Riding a Gold Wing makes a statement, it says that you know quality and you're not afraid to shell out for it. So if you're looking for a solid touring bike that's fast, comfortable, cabaple, well-equipped, and reliable, look no further. Keeping a checklist of things to take on tour greatly reduces the odds of finding yourself 500 miles down the road and desperately needing something that's back home in the garage.

Minimalists have something to say when it comes to motorcycle packing tips - LESS is MORE. Check with your current insurance provider to make sure you are fully insured to travel within the EU. Remember, all Bennetts policies come with 90 day EU cover as standard.