Motorcycle touring can mean different things to different riders. But it's worth checking, and also make sure your trip does to breach the maximum numbers of days' overseas travel allowed on your policy - usually 30 days per trip and 90 days in any one year. A Road Captain is your appointed leader of the ride, and must have a certain Situational Awareness about the group just as all riders should.

From places you should visit in the UK and international speed limits to touring advice in Europe and how to pack your motorcycle luggage, we want your trip to be as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Your bike may need a little tweaking before you set out on your road trip.

The only bag I take into the Hotel will be the one main bag in the tour pack that has my clothes and toiletry bag and one other small bag with misc. If the idea of jamming to your favorite tunes while on your motorcycle tour sounds awesome, then check out a speaker system made for motorcycles.

Riding motorcycles is risky enough as it is, so let's all do each other a favor by practicing some of the following skills and techniques in an effort to become smarter and safer riders. Our customers either ride their own motorcycles or we can help with bike rental if needed.

Plan, no plan - I know meticulous riders who plan a trip right down to where they're going to have lunch each day. It's exciting to see more & more people starting to ride motorcycles and going on roadtrips either on their own or with buddies. For many European bikers, it is the first trip abroad” that need to be done before visiting other countries for motor tours.

The first day of my trip was a relatively short ride between the cities of Athens and Statesboro It was about a three-hour ride, and at the end of it, I met a friend for dinner and drinks, then spent the night before my big push to West Palm Beach. Self-drive tours often include rental of the motorcycle, hotel reservations and detailed tour route information.