Many preppers believe they will be in a position to have business dealings with people which will be considerably better than any form of force by arms. This might be true in case you have an overhwhelming level of firepower where they're betting that the one recourse is trading politely, barring how the darker side of man's instinct will most likely take over and they'll use whatever means necessary to get that which you have and they also don't.

The ancient culture from the Sumerians, who lived in our Iraq, recorded astronomical facts that would astound scientists today. Ancient astronomer and writer Zecharia Sitchin posited in his book, The 12th Planet, that this Sumerians determined a major planet passes by our Earth every 3,600 years allowing its inhabitants to have interaction with people. Sitchin theorized the last time Planet X came all-around Earth what food was in 556 BC, which means the following coming are usually in 2900AD. Unless technology finds a method to let's live more than 100 years longer, none of us will live to determine that day.

The first part of potential catastrophe and possibly foremost may be the environment or possibly a natural disaster. The recent floods, shtf meaning hurricanes, climate change, and water crisis have likely brought a drop of sweat for a brow. It has mine. Our planet sees us like a pest that's destroying it and it is looking to get eliminate us. This is a battle that people cannot win once we survive this earth and they are damaging it beyond repair.

There are even others that are concerned that this planets or stars will fall into line in a way that might lead to an important transformation for earth. One theory is the sun will cross in front of the plane individuals galaxy. This is a true prediction, as the sun already does this twice each year which is not expected to take place on Dec 21. Nor will it cause any problems, as it hasn't done in earlier times. It is even true how the sun will eventually cross the plane in our galaxy, but this will take another several million years to happen. There are even many people saying that this gravitational connection between the planets lining up can cause problems, but once again to state again to happen on Dec 21. The only things that have any major relation to our gravitational system are the sun's rays as well as the moon and this is what causes our tidal movements.

The growth of the Computer Age is helping this movement. The world is quickly becoming one. The popularity of Facebook particularly is connecting everyone with a human and spiritual level. We are spreading the fellowship of humankind. People are realizing the need for spiritual interaction between humans as well as the unimportance of materialism. I believe peace will in the end prevail naturally we all practice love towards the whole earthly family. This modern age will be packed with teachers from all areas of life spreading our Creator's message of love for all those. We are all created from one Father and will manifest his teachings through ourselves for the advantage of all. The days of greed and selfishness have ended.

Learn to control Anxiety Anxiety can be a close relation of fear. Viewed negatively anxiety can gradually overwhelm us so much that we are frozen, not able to act and deeply depressed. However it is possible to use anxiety to your advantage - presenting and public speaking coaches call anxiety 'the sweat of success' because anxiety provides motivation to complete. Learning to control your breathing, positive visualisation techniques and hypnosis are incredibly effective ways to master anxiety.

While the new decade has meant a fresh start for most, for dangerous doomsday psychics it's really a new possiblity to scaremonger with information this is not constructive. Predictions in regards to the end worldwide, of billions dying in addition to major planet changes are common annually but you are even more so within the resulted in 2012. Here's why you should refute them.

Weapons - My favorite. If you're surviving, and you've got the essential needs for survival, well…somebody else will probably want those basic needs for themselves, and so they might just head for violence towards you as a way to take what they desire. This is unacceptable. Sure, it's nice to share, however, if you're family and yourself come first. If any outsiders attempt to violently take something crucial that you the survival of your family, you need to be capable of fight. Shotguns are great for home defense and they could also be used for hunting food. Make sure you have many ammunition. Be very careful with any weapon. Keep them locked away unless absolutely needed. This new year isn't any different to previous ones, using a a few different predictions being submit for those to take into account. One with the most interesting, that will most likely create some interesting debate is the prediction in the apocalypse on December 21, 2012. Self-proclaimed 'Pseudo-scientists' are earning some quite interesting predictions about the end of the world happening with this date. The most interesting thing to think about is even these so-called scientists can't even acknowledge how a earth can finish.

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