It's always a problem knowing what to pack for a motorcycle tour. Riding motorcycles is all about the camaraderie between friends, and experiencing an epic ADV trip with some of them is an unforgettable experience. We talked with Zoe Cano, who travelled there last year, hoianmotorbikeadventurestour and with Kim Johnston from South Pacific Motorcycle Tours.

Long periods of time with a helmet on your head doesn't exactly lend itself to having a great hair day. One benefit of winding up early is that you have enough time to search around for a place to stay at end of day's ride. It makes a trip run a lot smoother when you have a clear plan of where you are riding in a day and places to stop along the way for rest, food, gas, or sightseeing.

When traveling with other riders, conserve space by comparing packing lists and eliminating duplicate items. There's nothing worse than a bike or clothing that's uncomfortable on a tour, so better to discover this the week before, when you've still got a chance to fix it, than when you are halfway to the ferry.

This is one of the most important touring trips, that will guarantee that you will always be legal. Today I'm going to give you the basics on what to pack for your next trip plus other hacks, tips and tricks I've used to make my rides better. Give yourself plenty of daylight riding time.

I'm surprised how many riders have no plan for dealing with deflation. No matter how much safety gear you wear, though, you can still get hurt on a motorcycle. Before you go, though, brush up on those old motorcycle safety tips because a few days on your bike is a lot different than 15 minutes back and forth to the gym.

If you have not at least once in your life daydreamed of a road trip on a Harley-Davidson there is something deeply wrong with you. On a motorcycle: the high-pitched noise from the combination of the riding wind and your helmet. It's important to understand some basic motorcycle safety tips to make sure your next ride is a safe one.

Experienced riders regularly go on much longer trips than I did, but they're just that - experienced riders. Be sure to pack the necessary tools incase anything goes wrong with your bike on the road. Check out these tips for safe riding Don't worry if the amount of information seems overwhelming; take it slow and absorb what you can.