An experienced motorcyclist, Gary has undertaken many long-distance bike road trips. From fast and furious sports bikes to classy tourers and laid-back cruisers, there's something for every free spirit out there looking to embark on a long, adventure-packed journey. If you would like to get the same excitement while making your ride much safer and easier, then you can always join our organized motorcycle tours.

On a long tour, plan for at least one day per week of doing nothing. Even a few kilometers ride in the rain and in slush or prolonged highway riding can dry out your bike's chain. Most riders have the habit of over packing for long trips, but it only causes more trouble than it's worth.

Earplugs are crucial if you are going to be on the roads for hours and it's important to use Hi-Vis clothing for rainy or low light level conditions. And as time went on, the bikes I toured on got ever more simple and rudimentary. It's a good idea to be covered with roadside assurance in the case that anything serious happens to your bike and you need serious help.

To help motorcyclists visiting the geothermal state of Idaho, I planned a three-day tour to check out a few mineral pools and report back on their quality. If you're not sure how you'll do on a really long food tour, it might help to do a few short day trips first.

It is crucial to be prepared for your first solo bike road trip. You get to discover some of the most scenic roads and interesting places well off the normal tourist routes, but it also presents new challenges and potential problems. Good for a couple of hours, try and plan your trip outside of school pick up and drop off times as the journey South can be a long one.

The kids are back in school, the RV traffic has lightened on the roads and there are some wonderful weather days ahead for riding. A motorbike road trip is an exciting experience. The roads around Thailand have really improved in the past decade but you'll still find pot holes in places there wasn't one the day before.