UCSC Dynamics and Control Laboratory

We focus primarily on the application of systems and control theory to research problems in single-molecule instrumentation, biotechnology and biophysics using nanopores.

Funding sources for research involving biological and solid-state nanopores include NIH, NSF and the W.M. Keck Foundation.

Check out our review paper in Electrophoresis, Recent Advances in Nanopore Sequencing, May 2012.

Recent News:

June, 2013 PhD student Christopher O'Donnell is lead author on our new paper in Electrophoresis, Error Analysis of Idealized Nanopore Sequencing. Following our review paper from 2012, we asked the question: "How many times do you need to read each DNA molecule with a nanopore to get acceptable sequencing error?" That's exactly what our study examines, assuming idealized enzyme-controlled DNA rate control and ionic current sensing. Great paper Chris!

June, 2013 Graduate student Raj Maitra successfully finished his MS, having co-authored several journal paper, including the nanopore sequencing review paper cited above.

May, 2013 New paper entitled Measuring and Modeling the Kinetics of Individual DNA-DNA Polymerase Complexes on a Nanopore in ACS Nano. By using active control of individual DNA in the biological nanopore, we recorded and analyzed over 200,000 single-molecule events in this study! That's two orders of magnitude more than the typical number of events (a few thousand) recorded in standard nanopore capture experiments that don't use control.

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