About the FLASH code

Research Group: The Flash team (U of Chicago); D. Lee (UCSC); S. Couch (MSU)

FLASH is a highly-capable, top-rated, massively parallel, publicly available open source code with a wide user base of astrophysicists, cosmologists, and high-energy-density physics researchers, as well as workers from other research communities. You can find more about FLASH at www.flash.uchicago.edu.


Mathematical Modelings of Multi-Physics Phenomena

Modeling diverse physical processes using mathematical algorithms has become a successful tool in modern science and engineering. The underlying mathematical models are carefully designed to perform large-scale computer simulations that involve disparate scales of space and time. Such complexities often arise when incorporating various multi-physics components that can be represented by classes of partial differential equations (PDEs). Using the FLASH code one can study numerical models corresponding multi-physics phenomena in various different areas including astrophysics, and laboratory high-energy density physics.