Research Group

Current Members


Prof. Dongwook Lee

PhD Students

Youngjun Lee, Applied Math and Statistics, UCSC, 2016~

Martin Rodriguez Jr., Applied Math and Statistics, UCSC, 2017~

 Ian May, Applied Math, UCSC, 2019~

MS Students

Xingye He, SciCAM, Applied Mathematics, UCSC, 2019~

Rémi Bourgeois, Visiting Graduate Student in SciCAM, 2019 ~ (Bordeaux INP — ENSEIRB-Matmeca, France) 


Past Members

Steven I. Reeves, Applied Math and Statistics (2016~2020), UCSC, PhD, 2020 (Computer Vision Data Scientist)

Adam Reyes, Physics, UCSC, PhD, 2019 (Postdoc at the FLASH Center, U of Chicago)

Skylar Trigueiro, Applied Math and Statistics, UCSC, MS, 2019

Liliya Milenska, MS, 2018 (Data Science Engineer at Sojern)

Michael Lavell, MS, 2017 (PhD student at U of Rochester)

Hugues Faller, Visiting MS Student, Spring ~ Summer, 2016 (PhD student at CEA, France)

Lia Gianfortone, BS, Physics, 2017 (PhD student in the AM Dept., UCSC)