Spooked by ghost

So, I just shifted my blog from Ghost to Jekyll. Since I couldn’t figure out Jekyll, I decided to use it until I could. Now I am blogging like a hacker!

Scipy India 2015

Just last week, I attended Scipy India 2015, an annual conference on scientific applications of Python. It was great, very informative and I learned a lot of things. Below are some of the notes I made at the conference. Note: These are for my own reference, but I believe will be worth your time if you labor through my gibberish.

Movie: The Book Thief

This is NOT a movie review. I don’t know enough about movies to do a review.

Hello World!


I finally did it! This is a VPS hosted ghost blog! This along with my site http://devashishpurandare.me are now mostly functional. Cheers all around!