SV Extras

SGI - Simple Video
The 4DGifts set of example code has a spiffy set of routines to handle simple video interaction. Simple Video (sv) provides calls to set the current video stream, grab a frame, view or save the frame, and spit it back out onto another video stream. This is much easier to use than the more complex Video Library (vl) which SGI provides for complex video routing. Documentation for sv explains the simple interface. Unfortunately some functionality is missing which you might want. It always wants to view frames in a new window, instead of an existing window, and there isnt a way to change the frame capture size. Ive written a couple of useful routines, which work with the base sv system. I rely on some internal sv data structures so we need the svPriv.h private header. In addition I had to modify the default headers to be C++ aware. As always, check the header for more complete docs and additional routines.
svGetCaptureSize() - Get the current frame capture size
svSetCaptureSize() - Set the current frame capture size
svBetterGetFrame() - Gets a frame, fixes some standard sv problems
svViewImageInWindow() - Allows you to view an image in an existing window

Source and sample code for SGI - /u/jedavis/src/lib/svextras

Both of the following were existing libraries on my installation:
SV library distributed by SGI - Simple Video
vlUtil code distributed by SGI - vlUtil

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