Quicktime VR Panorama Viewer for the SGI

    Quicktime VR (QTVR) is a file format for panoramic imagery. Viewers for QTVR are provided by Apple for the Macintosh and MSWindows platforms. [Apple QTVR Site] As far as I know, this page provides the only QTVR viewer for SGI machines. 

    Simple QTVR Panorama Viewer

    This application just reads a QTVR file and displays part of the panorama in a window. Correct cylindrical to planar mapping is not performed. The pixels are just pasted into the window. Use the mouse to look around. Use the +/- keys to zoom in and out. This works great even on slow machines like an Indy. [Implementation by James Davis]
    - Irix 6.2 binary
    - source code

    Better QTVR Panorama Viewer

    If you have a machine with texture mapping hardware, then this QTVR viewer is preferable. It texture maps a cylider with the correct image and lets you look around. You get better resampling and correct perspective as you look around. An O2 seems to provide optimum viewing. [Implementation by Homan Igehy
    qtvr - Irix 6.5 binary


    Using the QTVR Panorama Viewer with a Web Browser

    Unfortunately Quicktime Movie files and QuicktimeVR files are passed over the net with the same MIME type, meaning that you have to set a single helper application for both of these types. You probably want to use xanim or movieplayer as your movie viewer, and qtvrmain for QTVR files. I use the following shell script as a helper application to netscape. This script determines which type of file we have and invokes the right helper application. Note that since I'm just greping for a string, I could make the wrong choice, but with typical file sizes this is about a 1:1000 chance, so I figure its good enough. Files with QTVR Object Movies will go to your normal movie player, which is actually what you want. 
    - /bin/sh script
    OUTPUT=`fgrep pano $1`
    if [ "$OUTPUT" = '' ]
                    movieplayer -v -nofork $1
                    qtvrmain $1
    # end

    Sample Movies

    In order to test that you have your helpers configured properly here are a few sample movies. 
    QTVR Panoramas
    Quicktime Movies