'PCmouse' - PC Mouse allows you to use a PC Serial Mouse with your Macintosh. 

Any mouse that sends the Microsoft Mouse protocol will be fine.  (Most PC mice do, but some are Mouse Systems instead.) You simply hook the mouse up to your Modem port. Toss the application in your start up items folder if you intend to have only a PC mouse connected.

I've included several compilations with different speed settings. Higher numbers make the mouse move faster.

I used this under OS 7 & 8 with a PPC 601 class machine. Reports of working or failure on newer OS's and hardware appreciated. These mice use standard RS-232 protocol serial communication. I think newer Mac's don't even have this port.

Completely free for individual use. Please contact me for commercial use or distribution. Copyright 1996, 2001.





A binhex file with source and executables is provided below.

PCmousePackage.sit.hqx [334KB] Application + source.

I'd also like to mention another tool that I didn't write. Serial Mouse Driver 1.0.1 by Charles Rentmeesters