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Online Computer Graphics and Vision Journals 

  Stanford Berkeley Other
(SIGGRAPH)  Computer Graphics ACM    
(I3D) Symposium on Interactive 3D ACM    
(UIST) User Interface Software and Technology ACM    
(TOG) Trans. on Graphics ACM    
(HWWS) Workshop On Graphics Hardware ACM    
(VolVis) Symposium on Volume Visualization ACM    
(VRST) Virtual Reality Software and Technology ACM    
Academic Press      
Computer Vision and Image Understanding   ingenta IDEAL  
Graphical Models 2000-current ingenta IDEAL  
Graphical Models and Image Processing 1996-1999 ingenta IDEAL  
J. of Visual Communication and Image Representation ingenta IDEAL  
Real-Time Imaging ingenta IDEAL  
A K Peters      
Journal of Graphics Tools ACM    
Computer Graphics Forum (including Eurographics) ingenta   Eurographics
Canadian ... Society      
Graphics Interface Graphics Interface    
Vision Interface Vision Interface    
Computers and Graphics Sci. Direct Web Ed. Science Direct  
Displays Sci. Direct Web Ed. Science Direct  
Image and Vision Computing Sci. Direct Web Ed. Science Direct  
Pattern Recognition   Science Direct  
(PAMI) Trans. on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intel. IEEE   Computer Society
Trans. on Visualization and Computer Graphics IEEE   Computer Society
(CG&A) Computer Graphics and Applications IEEE   Computer Society
(CVPR) Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition IEEE   Computer Society
MultiMedia IEEE   Computer Society
Trans. on Multimedia IEEE    
(IJCV) International Journal of Computer Vision   kluwer  
Optical Society of America      
JOSA A: Optics, Image Science, and Vision OSA    
Visual Computer Springer    
Machine Vision and Applications Springer    
Journal of Visualization and Computer Animation Wiley    


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Please let me know about broken links, and/or other methods of obtaining online articles. Most university libraries seem to use the same services as either stanford or berkeley, but I'm happy to locate additional methods of accessing online resources.