Welcome to my site! I hope to continue to update with content about my research, as well as with examples of work done.

That's me!

About Me

I’m currently a PhD student in Statistics at UC Santa Cruz. My research is in massive scale shrinkage in regression models in which the response or covariates are in a multidimensional array, with applications in neuroscience. I balance my research with my family, and I enjoy running when I can get the time.

More Info

I originally hail from southeast PA. I completed my BS in mathematics at Penn State University with a minor in economics in 2009. A year later, I finished my Master’s in Applied Statistics at PSU, and joined the Statistics Department as an instructor of the elementary statistics and introductory SAS courses.

In 2011, my wife and I joined the Peace Corps as education volunteers in Mozambique. For two years, we lived in a town called Zobue, teaching at the local secondary school and running a few side projects for more information, see Lisa’s blog.

In 2014, I began my graduate studies at UC Santa Cruz. I’m currently working with Rajarshi Guhaniyogi and Raquel Prado on Bayesian tensor regression methods, with applications in neuroscience.

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