Christopher Schuster (University of California, Santa Cruz)

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Christopher Schuster, Cormac Flanagan

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Macrofication: Refactoring by Reverse Macro Expansion
Christopher Schuster, Tim Disney, Cormac Flanagan

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Reactive Programming with Reactive Variables
Christopher Schuster, Cormac Flanagan

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Christopher Schuster, Cormac Flanagan

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A Light-Weight Effect System for JavaScript
Christopher Schuster, Cormac Flanagan

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Traveling through Time and Code: Omniscient Debugging and Beyond
Christopher Schuster, Cormac Flanagan

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RTI Compression for Mobile Devices
Christopher Schuster, Bipeng Zhang, Rajan Vaish, Paulo Gomes, Jacob Thomas, James Davis

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Reification of Execution State in JavaScript: Implementing the Lively Debugger
Christopher Schuster

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Context-oriented Programming for Mobile Devices: JCop on Android
Christopher Schuster, Malte Appeltauer, Robert Hirschfeld

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