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I keep this picture just to fondly remember when I was able to visit Boulder, and actually knew how to use climbing equipment. As it is now, I would likely be very dangerous in the mountains, which is why I spend most of my time simply updating my web pages with the sophisticated tools like ''vi''. Debra, took this picture below the top of the 3rd Flatiron overlooking Boulder, Colorado, and preparing to do the rappel. I unfortunately hadn't ever shown Debra how to do a rapel, so she may still be there for all I know. That's the breaks in life. I hope she doesn't hold it against me.

I have actually only been up skiing once this season, which is an alltime record for me, since I was 6 years old. I used to bemoan a ski season where I missed a single weekend up, but once you start commuting in Silicon Valley, you learn to kiss the ground after having made it safely over Highway 17 with a mudslide or errant fallen tree here and there.

In Washington State, ('87-93, something like that) I climbed many enjoyable peaks including, Mt. Stuart, Mt. Slesse, The Wine Spires, Burgundy and Chablis, Glacier Peak, Mt. Baker, Granite Peak, Whistler Mt., Sloan Peak, Lane Peak, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Buckner. Nearly all of these were climbed with the invigorating group of the Boeing Alpine Society, the Boealps who I'm sure are still inundating the Cascades and other Northwest ranges with ambitious 2 day climbing plans.

In California I have hiked up Mt. Wittenburg and Mt. Whitney, gone to the Pacific Edge climbing club twice (It's kind of expensive :(, not at all like the Vertical Club in Seattle, which I would highly recommend), and thoroughly avoided subsidizing REI for nearly 4 years, sinking all of my discretionary income into my outlandish suburban lifestyle. Oh, and that's no exaggeration now, since we've actually bought a house!

In Colorado, I have climbed several of the 14teeners, including Longs Peak, Sunlight, Windom, Mt. Eolos, and Mt. Harvard. Only 49 left there. I need to get back there about 40 weekends or so to finish off the rest. Problem is I usually go back during the winter, and can't avoid getting a few days of snowboarding or skiing in, and then those winter ascents of 14teeners doesn't seem so attractive compared to no lift lines in Parsenne Bowl.

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Oh, and here's some of my favorite people to visit Santa Cruz: (Debra, Aunt Barb /Uncle John, Mike, Gail)
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