Parallel Volume Rendering Clearing House

Presented by Craig . Herein lies a point of reference for those doing research in parallel volume rendering. Survey appeared in the Parallel Visualization Techniques Session (PVT) at PDPTA'98, Las Vegas, July, 1998. HPL-98-49R1.html Survey .

Roni Yagel has a nice survey paper here . (Proceedings of GRAPHICON'96, Vol. 1, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, July 1996, pp. 230-241.)

Example research at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Trabecular Bone Data Sets Courtesy of Karin Hollerbach, Lawrence Livermore National Labs. Rendered with VolPack, Phil Lacroute's renderer, for exploratory analysis at UCSC. We are working on bringing up remote web interfaces, which can be found here.

The Parallel Rendering Symposium is a peer reviewed conference that occurs every other year, and has numerous papers on parallel volume rendering. The 1997 Parallel Rendering Symposium was in Phoenix Arizona.

Some links to other sites that have papers, abstracts, or information regarding Parallel Volume Rendering:

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