Hello World in Pantheon Drupal using Source Control

The development workflow for Pantheon Drupal is similar to the development workflow for regular Drupal. The differences emerge at the deployment stage, where code is pushed to a live environment. Normally, this live environment is a server running Apache or Nginx and files are uploaded via SFTP. In Pantheon, code is pushed to the live environment via git. There is an SFTP mode, however, due to incompatibility with git submodules, SFTP mode introduces problems into the development workflow.

Improving Drupal Performance: keyvalue.expirable

I’ve been running into performance issues lately in my testing of modules rewritten for use on Pantheon. This could be a result of the platforms they’re running on. The modules are going from having 8GB RAM on-prem, to 256MB RAM in Pantheon’s Small instance. One of the techniques that I’ve found that improves the performance of modules is caching. Caching is generally used to reduce the amount of processing that a server needs to do in order to provide responses to requests.