Christopher Villalpando Estrada

About Me:

Hello, my name is Christopher Villalpando. I am a graduate student pursuing a Masters in Computer Engineering with a focus on Computer Networks. I am currently attending my first year under the guidance of Professor Katia Obraczka.

I obtained my Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering at UC Santa Cruz in 2017. As an undergradute I was able to complete 2 concentrations; one in Robotics & Control, and another in Computer Networks. I have grown to love working with both Software and Hardware, hence my motivation to study Computer Engineering. As a student, I seek to obtain the skills and knowledge to materialize the ideas in my head and develop solutions to emerging issues. My end goal is to become an inventor and entrepreneur.

You can reach me at:

Email chvillal at ucsc dot edu
Office Engineering 2, 311
Address 1156 High St, Santa Cruz, CA 95064




As a graduate student, my research interests revolve around:

I recently joined the Internetworking Research Group run by Professor Katia Obraczka. The INRG is dedicated to the development of protocols for the internets of the future.


Clubs I am affiliated with: